Farewell to Counter Strike

Last night I uninstalled Counter Strike 2.

After spending more than 800 hours of play time in Counter Strike Global Offensive (the previous version) I have decided to give up, and here is why. Not that I am complaining, I really had good time playing CS:GO, I don't regret it. The game was popular and well balanced and it run well at high quality setting on my gaming laptop.

And then came Counter Strike 2. Valve decided to force push update, and it removed CS:GO from my computer, even though I payed for it.

Core of the issue is that it is completely different game. It's all in pastel colours, a bit cartoonish, with different mechanics in every respect. All the muscle memory of the buy menu is going to be stuck in my brain for no reason, and that's just one example.

Then, the performance. The same gaming laptop that run CS:GO at high details now can't run Counter Strike 2 at lowest. I had to enable shadows, it's core part of the game, and it brings FPS down to 20 at times, and especially during duels. It's really annoying to die during glitch, only to find out after few seconds after the screen unfreezes. And it happened to me around 20% of times.

Finally, as the last drop in the bucket, I figured out that I might spend money for new hardware to continue playing, spend another 800 hours in the game, only for it to be removed from my computer because someone in Valve decided so. And I can't do that anymore. There are so many good games I want to play, and I don't want to wait for CS2 to become stable, life is too short to spend it on stupid ideas of some person in Valve.

Good bye Counter Strike, it was a good run.