Uptime Kuma for Homer

I've been a bit under the weather lately so, in order to distract myself a little bit, I took on finishing a few projects that have been laying dormant.

As chronic self-hoster who's been self-hosting stuff for decades, I need to keep up with what's running and what is not. For a long time I used Statping, but recently I switched to Uptime Kuma, mainly because it is more maintained and also faster. There was only one piece of the puzzle missing... So, here it is now, all published now: Uptime Kuma for Homer. In case you are using Homer dashboard, now you can display stats from your Uptime Kuma instance:

Uptime Kuma for Homer screenshot

It's a small Python project that uses Flask framework to bridge two services and make them interact. I wrapped it up quickly – frankly, writing README.md file took more time – but during the build I was thinking how things are slowly getting out of hand. Even for a small project like this, one needs to have a lot of context and knowledge of many different technologies. Just to name a few:

So, maybe, just maybe, all this hype regarding AI LLMs could be an attempt to handle this in the longer run?