WriteFreely Docker image upgraded to 0.13.1

Docker container images initially described in my here's how to run WriteFreely using Docker blog post are upgraded to version 0.13.1, the latest one as of this being written.

You can just update to 0.13.1 in your docker-compose.yml file, uncomment init service, and then simply docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d. If you are upgrading from 0.12.0 there are few more steps to do.

The first is to generate extra key, otherwise WriteFreely won't even start:

docker-compose exec init /bin/bash
$ cd /go
$ writefreely keys generate
# Fix permissions, so newly generated key is owned by the same owner as the rest of them

Now, docker-compose down & docker-compose up -d, and follow the last step: database upgrade.

docker-compose exec web /bin/sh
$ cd /go
$ ./cmd/writefreely/writefreely db migrate

And that's it. Comment init service again, and finally boot up your blog with docker-compose down & docker-compose up -d.

Happy writing!