Journal from Kotnik


An interesting thing happened in #China a few weeks ago:

An influencer who posts videos teaching people how to cook has gotten himself banned for posting a video in November about how to make egg fried rice. The reason this is controversial is because some early memoirs by PLA veterans about the North Korean war describe that Mao Zedong’s son died in Korea when he made himself some egg-fried rice and the smoke from cooking drew in American planes who bombed him to death. And this all took place on the 25th of November. The CCP has since declared that all of this is rumours made up to slander a war hero, and that he was in the base instead of the air bunker where everyone else is in order to protect vital documents. Nonetheless, among Chinese people who are anti-CCP, a lot of them keep a tradition of celebrating “Chinese Thanksgiving”, where they eat egg fried rice on the 25th of November—to give thanks and celebrate the fact that this foolish decision ensured Mao didn’t have a legitimate heir, which they think is the only reason China didn’t turn into a family dynasty like North Korea.

The influencer was banned because this was the third year in a row now that he’s posted a video about egg fried rice some time in the month of November, and the censors think that he’s dogwhistling anti-CCP sentiments. The influencer defends himself by saying that he barely even graduated middle school, he has no idea about this history until now, and that he posts daily videos, and just about every month, he does an episode about egg fried rice. So yeah, he posted about egg fried rice on three Novembers in a row, but he posts about it in June and December and March too.

Emphasis mine.