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Preface: I'll be gathering interesting things I've read previous week each Sunday and putting them here, with short commentary or a quote from text. Here's a tag you can subscribe to: #SundayReading.

1. Problems with paywalls.

Newspapers publish articles – factual and opinionated – intending them to enter the public square as a topic of discussion. But if the discussions in the public square have an entry fee, the public square becomes smaller and less diverse.

2. The Curse of Konzo, story about devastating disease behind a perplexing outbreak of paralysis in northern Mozambique. Hans Rosling was involved, too.

In short: only poor people suffer the curse of konzo.

3. Scary and very opinionated story how wars always come home. Reminded me about how my country of origin refused to deal with violent mass-murderers from war and let them roam the country.

The tools of empire don’t stay overseas, trained solely on those designated as the empire’s enemies; they find new targets, new uses, in the hands of people looking to grab the shreds of power left behind as the empire collapses in on itself.

Makarska, Croatia

4. How lockdown awakened my memories of Bosnia and the war. Author writes how the lockdown rehashed memories of injuries past that had never properly healed, and I feel the same focusing more on inside with this extra time.

Update: Upgrade to WriteFreely 0.13.1 is covered here.

I guess that, by now, it's tradition to restart my blog on various platforms. Here's what it took to run this one using writefreely. I work in company that runs apps, so I always experiment with other tools and this time I am running this blog on #Docker using Traefik to route the data around.


Start of new blogging period, this time using writefreely. It's not easy to set it up, one of the future posts will be about how to do it.

In the meantime, please feel free to stick around if you are interested in technology and random thoughts of a guy that's running a lot of Internet infrastructure.